Boys & Girls Club of Collier County sports programs allow youth to participate in organized leagues, camps, and clinics under the direction of professional coaches. Not only is it great for team building, sports programming is often the first Club experience for many kids who will then go on to participate in educational, arts and career development programming as well.

Participating in our leagues and clinics helps youth to become physically fit and develop skills associated with teamwork, discipline, and camaraderie. Practice and games are held during the summer, after-school and on weekends, times when children, especially teens, are more likely to engage in unsafe activities. Leagues and clinics are run by professional coaches and volunteers that assist children and teens in learning the proper techniques for the sport.

Playing sports is about igniting a passion, belonging to a team, sportsmanship, teamwork, and building self-esteem. Every child should have the opportunity to experience team sports and learn skills that will help them compete both on the field and in life.

Important Dates

  • Baseball and Handball Clinics and Leagues (February-March)– Nichols/Bolch
  • Spring Break Camps (March 11-15) -Nichols/Bolch
  • BGCCC Spring Olympics (March 11-15)
  • 3-on-3 Sports Leagues-(April May)
  • Summer Sports Camps (June-July)

For more information, contact Nigel Smith, Athletic Director at