Boys & Girls Club of Collier County helps 3,000+ kids and teens embrace the desire to learn and work toward successful careers and productive futures.

Programs That Complement School Curriculum, Develop Workplace Skills

Boys & Girls Club of Collier County aims to help improve our community’s high school graduation rates. Within the safety of the Clubs and surrounded by positive role models, members receive academic support that both complements and builds upon school day curriculum.

From early childhood literacy instruction to career and financial planning assistance to college access and success programs, there are education and career development programs suited for every member.

Power Hour

Making academics a priority

Every day, Club members dedicate time after school to focus on homework or participate in differentiated educational activities.

Power Hour helps Club members ages 6-18 achieve academic success by providing homework support, tutoring and technology engaged activities. The program gives Club members assistance, resources and guidance in a safe place and under the supervision of qualified staff and tutors. By encouraging members to develop a daily habit of completing homework and studying, in a dedicated space with adult support, Power Hour helps members make a commitment to school and learning.

Ready Readers

Kids who read succeed!

The Ready Readers Program shares books and reading with Club youth ages 6-12 to inspire a love of reading and to set the stage for successful learning. Club members work one-on-one with volunteer reading coaches weekly, building vocabulary and establishing the foundation for literacy and lifelong learning. Button?: Become a Ready Readers volunteer.

Junior Staff Programs

Boys & Girls Club offers teens the chance to be employed as leaders throughout the Club, building life skills and applying academic skills in a real-world context. While working at the Clubs as junior staff, participants learn valuable job skills for future careers while they run the front desk, supervise the game room, and manage many aspects of our Blue CanTEEN Food Truck.