We strongly believe in the value that volunteers add to the well-being and development of our members. As little as one or two hours per week as a mentor can positively impact a child’s life.

We have done in a day opportunities, which allow an individual or business to come to the Club on a specific day to make an impact, as well as on-going opportunities where volunteers can serve as tutors or mentors.

Volunteers interested in on-going opportunities must submit a Volunteer Application, Fingerprint Binder, and complete a Volunteer Training.

For information about volunteer opportunities at the Club, please email volunteer@bgccc.com or call 239-325-1700.

Volunteer Scheduling and Time Commitment

While some volunteer roles have specific time commitments, many are at the volunteer’s discretion. Weekly tutors must commit to at least 1 hour per week during the school year, while other volunteer opportunities can be any time during operating hours, based on club needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a volunteer?

  • Read through all of the information and ensure that you are eligible to volunteer at BGCCC
  • Complete volunteer application, including background check consent form (Not applicable for volunteers 18 and under)
  • Pay the $11.00 application fee (Not applicable for volunteers 18 and under)
  • Create a volunteer profile; upon receiving notification of your eligibility based on your background check, a web link will be sent to your email with your eligibility notice (Not applicable to “Done in a Day” Volunteers).
  • Attend a one-hour volunteer orientation and tour. These typically take place the first and third Tuesday of the month from 12-1 PM and the fourth Tuesday of every month from 3:30-4:30 PM.
  • Upon completion of the orientation, you will officially be a BGCCC volunteer!

Am I eligible?

Volunteers must be 18+ years old.

Applicants will NOT be eligible if they:

  • Refuse to consent to a criminal background check
  • Make false statements in connection with such criminal background check
  • Are registered or required to be registered on a state or national sex offender registry
  • Have been convicted to a felony consisting of: murder,child abuse, a crime against children, including child pornography, domestic violence, abduction or human trafficking, a crime involving rape or sexual assault, arson,
    weapons, or physical assault or battery
  • Have been convicted of a drug-related offense committed within the last five years
  • Please understand that we do not accept court-ordered community service

Background checks will include states the applicant formerly resided in, and multiple finger printings may be required based on individual state requirements and compliance.

What is the application fee?

We ask that volunteers pay an $11 application fee to partially cover the cost of the required background check ($69.75). Every penny the Club doesn’t spend on administrative fees goes straight to Club programming, so thank you for helping!

Volunteer Opportunities

Our after-school program has the most volunteer opportunities – Monday to Friday, 3:00-6:00PM. Other volunteer opportunities may be available during our hours of operation – Monday to Friday – 8:30AM–6:00PM or for special events on and off-site.


Work one-on-one with students and utilize your life experiences to assist and support kids in their making thoughtful decisions, healthy choices, personal development, and awareness of options they may consider. Participants in this program must be able to commit at least 1 hour per week and maintain a consistent schedule. Volunteers are paired with a student (age range 6-15) based on their personal and professional/qualifications. Mentors are typically needed Monday-Friday between 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM during the school year, though that can vary.


Work one-on-one or with a small group of students who are struggling in core classes (math, science, social studies, English/language, arts). Participants in this program must be able to commit at least 1 hour per week and maintain a consistent schedule. Volunteers are paired with a student (age range 6-15) based on their professional/qualifications. Tutors are typically needed Monday-Friday between 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM during the school year, though that can vary.

General Volunteer/Administrative Support

Assist with daily activities, including but not limited to club projects and administrative tasks such as shredding, data input, filing, decorating, and organizing.

Program/Classroom Assistance

Program/Classroom Assistance

Assist Youth Development Professional (YDP) with various lessons, programs, and activities, including homework and classroom worksheets. Classrooms include K-2nd grade, 3rd -5th, middle school, and teens. Volunteers and volunteer groups can either lead their own program or support existing programming. Examples include giving a presentation to a class about career options or possibly running a STEM experiment. Volunteer groups have also facilitated large parties with bounce houses and DJs. Program/Classroom assistants are needed Monday-Friday between 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM during the school year and between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM during the summer.

Sports & Recreation

Assist with the coordination and facilitation of programs such as non-competitive sports, relay races, etc. Physical education programs occur in the gym, outside, and off-site during special events. Scheduling varies and can be flexible with occasional weekend opportunities.

Meal Service Assistance

Assist with the coordination and execution of meal prep and distribution in addition to kitchen maintenance. Meal Service Assistance volunteers are needed during our hours of operation – Monday to Friday – 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM or for special events on and off-site.

Special Events

Each year, BGCCC have several special events that often need the support of community volunteers. Visit our events page to learn about upcoming events.

Done in a Day

Assist with club tasks or facilitate a one-day program. Done-in-a-day volunteers are needed any time during our hours of operations – Monday to Friday – 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM or for special events on and off-site for a maximum of 10 hours in a day for a 90-day period.

Volunteer Pillars

teacher and student

Self-Discovery & Empowerment

Use your life experiences to guide and empower club members in their holistic development of self-awareness and making thoughtful decisions.


Leverage your academic skills and knowledge to support club members on their academic success journey.

teacher and student
Kids reading a book

Empower through Education

Identify specific life skills and conduct group learning sessions to build awareness and abilities in managing emerging adult life, e.g.:

  • Internet Safety
  • Financially Literacy
  • Global Stewardship
  • Career Development


Share your professional career path and the industry you chose to illuminate options for career choices. Content could include:

  • Industry overview and careers within the industry
  • Skills and education required to enter the industry
  • What it’s like to work in the industry (pros and cons)
  • Suggestions for further exploration chosen field


Use your personal skills, time, and passion to participate BGCCC-specificity projects, eg:

  • Assisting with in-Club children’s activities
  • Executing Fundraising events
  • Maintaining and improving Club assets (repairs, modifications, etc.)
  • Leadership assistance (strategic projects, administration, creative, insights)