Meet Inarhy

Encouraging creative expression and building self-confidence through the Arts is vitally important in a youth’s life. Movement, creativity, and artistry are all encouraged through one form of Art—the dance program—as most youth naturally crave to move their bodies. Remember rolling down the hill as a child, playing tag or hide-and-go-seek, and experiencing the freedom of movement? Boys & Girls Club offers those opportunities through the various dance classes offered. 

The dance program at Boys & Girls Club has been growing every year since it began 22 years ago. Classes are offered to all ages, from Kindergarten to high school student, and include Creative Dance, Ballet (levels 1 and 2), Progessive Ballet, Jazz Hip Hop, Contemporary Dance and a variety of cultural dances. 


Inarhy, who is in fourth grade, is petite for her age and had very little confidence in herself. She came to dance timid and reluctant. She joined a dance class while in first grade and as time went on, she began to gain confidence. “When I dance,” she said, “I feel like I can conquer the world.” 

Dance is more than the fundamentals of technique, it also instills life skills: team-building, conflict resolution, endurance, responsibility, cognitive thinking and right-left brain development. Statistics show that children who dance do better overall in school and are able to express themselves openly and without fear. Beyond developing skills, dancing provides a way for youth to express themselves without judgement in a safe and protected environment.

As her confidence grew, Inarhy decided she wanted to be a part of the group that performs in several community activities. She joined the Dance Ensemble three years ago and has participated in our Youth of the Year performance, community dance exhibits and at the Club during various showcase events. As she continues to take every class offered, her skills have flourished and so has her ability to retain the choreography and other artistry tools and techniques. 

Inarhy has expressed how performing has given her the confidence to speak in public and has given her an opportunity to make long-lasting friends at the Club with other members. Although small, she shared, “When I’m on stage, I feel big and strong and I’m not afraid anymore.” 

Dance is just one of the many Arts opportunities available at Boys & Girls Club.