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Club members dove into a dynamic project-based learning
 experience that seamlessly integrated mathematics with real-world applications, from managing their own ice cream truck to designing and building board games. These activities fostered a deeper understanding of mathematical principles while nurturing creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills essential for academic and personal growth.

Students in the 21st Century Community Learning Center plunged into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities to master coding, critical thinking, and engineering challenges. From coding their initials in Binary with pipe cleaners to exploring engineering through various Lego challenges, students immersed themselves in dynamic experiences, fostering problem-solving skills and creativity to prepare them for success.

In honor of National Women’s History Month, the Clubs explored women’s significant impact on society. Through a customized game of Jeopardy, they engaged in an interactive study of historical contributions.

Character & Leadership Development

Character Trait of the Month. Highlighting humility as the character trait of the month, members participated in a “Thankful for Thankful Jobs” activity, creating thank-you cards for our facilities crew and volunteers. This initiative highlighted the often-overlooked hard work of our staff, promoting a culture of gratitude and mutual respect.

Teen members participating in beach clean up at Barefoot Beach.

Fashion Camp. Showcasing remarkable growth and achievement, 3rd to 5th-grade girls immersed themselves in a transformative Fashion Camp. Beyond mastering modeling skills, they developed confidence through skill development, positive feedback, and public speaking exercises. The camp culminated with the girls taking a confident walk down the red carpet.

Beach Clean Up. Teen members displayed their commitment to environmental stewardship during their visit to Barefoot Beach which included team-building games and building sandcastles. The beach cleanup activities nurtured the values of responsibility and community engagement. These experiences fostered environmental consciousness and emphasized the importance of leadership.

The Arts

Talent on Display. This month brought unforgettable moments in music and arts education at Nichols and Bolch. At Nichols, our choir’s standout performance at the NCEF Grant Award Ceremony showcased the students’ exceptional talent and dedication. Additionally, during Spring Camp, our 3rd graders provided a delightful and charming mini spring concert, spreading joy with their musical talent.

Spring Camp & United Arts Council. During Spring Camp, students in the 21st Century Community Learning Center continued to engage with the United Arts Council, exploring various modeling techniques and bringing their clay sculptures to life with vibrant paint, showcasing their artistic talents and creativity.

Health & Life Skills

Financial Literacy. With a focus on financial literacy among teen members, our Clubs offered activities to promote understanding and responsibility of money matters. In recognition of Credit Education Month, teens delved into the intricacies of credit scores, participated in interactive discussions, and engaged in hands-on activities. Additionally, they focused on the importance of saving and investing early in life, exploring investment scenarios and strategies for achieving financial goals using dynamic tools such as the compound interest calculator.

Junior Women of Initiative. Members participating in Junior Women of Initiative were served a lesson in manners. During an etiquette session at Olive Garden restaurant, mentees learned proper dining etiquette, from setting a formal dinner table to mastering eating spaghetti with the right utensils. Additionally, they engaged in a session on the benefits and risks of social media, reflecting on their values and creating guidelines for using social media responsibly.

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Spring Camp Kickball. Spring Camp activities created a high level of energy. Kickball games kept everyone on their toes, with the Turtles & Sharks team leading the charge and dominating the field. Water relay races added to the excitement, as students dashed through courses with determination. But the fun didn’t end there: obstacle courses provided an extra challenge, encouraging members to push their limits and conquer every hurdle.

Hose Down. Bolch Club members were thrilled by a surprise visit from the local heroes at the Immokalee Fire Control District. The highlight of the day was the hose-down event, igniting cheers as the firetruck’s hose sprayed a waterfall-like stream. Laughter and joy filled the air, creating unforgettable memories.

Immokalee Fire Control District surprised Bolch Club members with a Hose Down!

Bowling Outing. 
Teen members made a special trip to a bowling alley, where laughter echoed through the lanes as they cheered each other on, aiming for strikes and spares. Between rounds, they enjoyed tasty snacks and a chance to relax and bond with their peers, strengthening friendships and creating lasting memories.

College & Career Readiness

Club Members explored technical careers over four days at Lorenzo Walker Technical College

College-Readiness Lesson. Teens combined the excitement of the March college basketball tournament with a comprehensive project-based lesson about college readiness. They conducted extensive research into colleges or universities of their choice, exploring each institution’s offerings, academic programs, and the process of becoming student-athletes. They also documented information about tuition, fees, available scholarships, and financial aid options to aid in their decision-making process.

Technical Career Exploration. For four days, teens also explored careers as part of the Career Explorers Spring Camp at Lorenzo Walker Technical College. Members engaged in hands-on experiences, such as understanding components of blood and mastering CPR techniques in healthcare, creating websites and ethernet cables in IT, and preparing dishes in culinary adventures alongside industry professionals. Nichols Member Donovan explored his passion for aviation mechanics, demonstrating the transformative impact of these experiences in shaping Club members’ paths toward college and career success.

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Other Events To Note

  • April 22 – May 20 (Mondays) Counseling for Community Wellness, Nichols & Bolch Clubs
  • April 22 – May 20 (Mondays & Tuesdays Goodwill JobLink, Nichols & Bloch Clubs
  • April 22 – 26 After-school Professionals Appreciation Week
  • April 24 & 25 Goodwill Agricultural and Labor Program, Bolch Club
  • April 25-27 State Youth of the Year Event
  • May 21 Harry’s Helpers Meal Kit Distribution, Bolch Club
  • June 3 First Day of Summer Session

Community Outreach Initiatives

Boys & Girls Club of Collier County has been actively participating in community events, such as the Cattle Drive in Immokalee and Exceptional Student Education events at local schools, to raise awareness about our programs and connect with families. Additionally, our 21st CCLC sites regularly host Family Night events to strengthen community bonds within schools. We recently showcased our initiatives at the Fashion Harmony Show at Immokalee Middle School, collaborating with school staff to highlight our offerings.

Club members also enthusiastically participated in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Naples, where our Torch Club members interacted with local families and promoted our programs.

Members and the Blue CanTEENa Food Truck at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade