Youth of the Year is our signature event and fundraiser for Boys & Girls Club of Collier County. For years, our Youth of the Year program has honored and celebrated the Club’s most inspiring teens and their incredible journeys. Each year, stories of outstanding leadership, service, academic excellence, and overcoming obstacles have made Youth of the Year the premier leadership and recognition program for Collier County teens – and this year is no exception. We want you to meet these amazing young people who represent the voices of hope for our community. Inspiring all kids to believe, achieve, and succeed!

The Boys & Girls Club of Collier County Youth of the Year winner receives scholarship funding and moves on to participate in a state competition. State winners receive additional scholarships and participate in regional competitions. Five regional winners receive a $10,000 scholarship and compete on the national level. The National Youth of the Year receives up to an additional $50,000 scholarship and can meet the President of the United States.

Tickets are still available to attend this inspirational evening in support of our core programs and mission at Boys & Girls Club of Collier County.

“Knowledge is power”


Chelleza C.

Chelleza is a musically inclined individual who values intellectual discussions with her friends and family. She is an 8th grade student currently attending Golden Gate Middle School and has been a Boys & Girls Club member for five years. During her time at the Club, Chelleza has taken the initiative to join programs including Torch Club, Junior Women of Initiative, and volleyball. In her personal time, she enjoys leading her school Debate Club, playing the bassoon, and spending time with her family. She aspires to attend NYU or FGCU to attain her law degree and one day practice as a lawyer. Chelleza is grateful for the opportunities and life skills she has gained from the Club, members, and staff.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


Bervaley C.

Bervaley is an artistic member who leads with compassion and creativity in all her pursuits. She is a 10th grade student currently attending Immokalee High School. She has been with the Boys & Girls Club for eight years. While attending the Club, she has been involved in Girl Scouts, Step Team, and Dance Team. Her personal interests include drawing, doing hair, and perfecting the art of nail beautification. She aspires to attend an in-state school and study nursing, so she can follow her dream of being a travel nurse. In the future, she would like to become a business owner and run her own salon and day spa. Bervaley is thankful for the inspiration she receives from her time at the club and reflects fondly on the important mentors who guide her.

I understand everyone has desires, but I also understand only a few are worth chasing.


Elijah C.

Elijah is an innovative writer and critical thinker among his peers. He is a sophomore currently attending Lely High School. He has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for ten years. Since his start he has taken part in Junior Men of Initiative, Youth of the Year, Road Code Ambassador, and has been a dependable asset to the Junior Culinary Staff for two years. His personal interests include agriculture, poetry, practicing guitar, learning new languages, cooking, and spending time with his family. His aspirations are to attend college in-state and study Biochemistry to one day major in Pharmacy, so he can have his own pharmaceutical business. Elijah is grateful for all the opportunities the Club has done for him, including educational scholarships as well as being a safe environment for him to prosper in. He looks forward to sharing his talents and wisdom outside the Club as a leader among the youth

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”


Angelo C.

Angelo is a creative soul who uses his artistic vision to drive his passions. He is a 12th grade student enrolled at Immokalee High School. He has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for five years. Since joining the Club, he has dedicated his time volunteering by distributing food to the community, fitting members with new shoes, and helping younger members with their homework assignments. His personal interests include artistic ventures such as experimenting with paint and growing photography skills. His aspirations include attending an in-state school to receive a master’s degree in psychology. Angelo is thankful for the volunteering opportunities the Club provided and the friendships he created and maintained within the community through club experiences.

“The only easy day was yesterday.”


Phoebe L.

Marnelle “Phoebe” is an active listener who is guided by her selflessness by helping others. She is a 12th grade student currently enrolled at Immokalee High School. She has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for two years. Since joining the Club, she has taken advantage of academic programs, such as Power Hour, to excel throughout high school. When she is done keeping up with her studies, she strives to help others with their homework or creating new art projects. Her personal interests include singing, dancing, and watching competitive car races. She aspires to earn her doctorate in nursing, so she can continue to serve her community. Phoebe expresses gratitude for the Club’s support, which has not only enriched her academic and personal growth but also empowered her to venture beyond her comfort zone.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen


Sarah L.

Sarah is a passionate artist who strives to use art and creativity to inspire and aid others in the community. She is a tenth-grade student currently enrolled at Immokalee High School. She has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for the last four years. Since her time with the Club, she has immersed herself in the Maintaining My Inner Beauty Club which encourages young girls to become successful women as they learn about friendship, self-confidence, and morals. Her personal interests include creating educational vlogs on social media, performing in school run productions, and participating in extracurriculars such as Superintendent Student Advisory Council and Teens Against Dating Violence. Her aspirations are to major in Environmental Studies and Spelman College with the goal of becoming a chief sustainability officer. Sarah is grateful for the mentors she has formed bonds with who have inspired her to remain optimistic and persevere in the face of adversity. She looks forward to using her knowledge as an environmental advocate to educate current and future Club members.

“Learn from your mistakes.”


Josue M.

Josue is a well-rounded individual who actively commits to youth development in Collier County. He is a 12th grade student currently attending Golden Gate High School. He has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for two years. Since starting his journey at the Club, he has been an active volunteer and youth staff member. He prioritizes helping Torch Club, a BGCA program for middle school students that focuses on character development and leadership, envision new service projects and experiences. His personal interests include spending quality time with his parents, cheering on his siblings at extracurricular events, and playing video games. He aspires to earn his doctorate at an out-of-state college to fulfill his dream of becoming an optometrist. Josue reflects fondly on the new experiences the Club has provided for him through field trips and is grateful to have mentors to help him through graduation.

“Even if you get knocked down, keep trying.”


Lindsay S.

Lindsay is a thoughtful intellectual who actively supports and contributes to her community. She is an eighth-grade student currently attending East Naples Middle School. She has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for seven years. Since the beginning of her time at the club, she has immersed herself into specialty programs such as SMART girls, Cal Ripken Senior Foundation Summer Camp, and has most recently taken on the role of Torch Club secretary. Her personal interests include reading mystery and drama novels, volunteering her time in the club, and spending quality time with her family.  Her aspirations are to attend college in-state to study business, so she can start a clothing retail business. Lindsay is thankful for the mentor and peer relationships she has formed through the Club.

“Live life with no regrets”


Jhyneya S.

Jhyneya is a commendable and responsible member of the Club. She is a senior currently at Immokalee High School. She has been a part of the Boys & Girls Club for three years. At the Club, she has been involved in Girl Scouts, Mexican Traditional Dancing, Art Club, and Girl Power Club. Her favorite pastimes and hobbies include makeup, reading, dancing, and baking. She is an effective listener and communicator, especially in supporting the needs of the youth within the community. She aspires to pursue her passions in culinary, become a certified nursing assistant at college, and become a licensed practical nurse. Jhyneya motivates the youth to follow the rules in a way that is fun for everyone, and academically enriches their lives.

The game is gonna test you, never fold. Stay ten toes down. It’s not on you, it’s in you, and what’s in you they can’t take away.”


Isabella S.

Isabella is an adept communicator and outspoken leader in her work and around the youth. She is a senior currently attending Golden Gate High School scheduled to graduate a year early. She has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for thirteen years. Since the beginning, she has participated in Junior Women of Initiative, Youth of the Year, volunteered, and worked on the Junior Culinary Staff. Some of her individual interests are listening to music, painting, cooking, reading, and overseeing her own local business called Reds Sweet Shop, where she holds her own Federal Employer ID, Collier County business license and fictitious name. Her number one goal is to acquire a million dollars by the age of eighteen, staying very dedicated and driven in her pursuits. Isabella is especially grateful for everything the Club has offered her, with all the friends, family, and inspirations she has found along the way. She is looking forward to giving back to the people who have helped her and feels empowered to do that through her current and future business ventures.

Support these inspirational teens and all of the youth who rely on Boys & Girls Club of Collier County by attending the 2024 Youth of the Year Celebration. Tickets are still available.