Ketlene is in the third grade and has been a member at Boys & Girls Club of Collier County’s Nichols Campus for a year and a half. Ketlene’s favorite activity at the Club is to help out her friends and the staff. She is the first to volunteer and is always excited to lend a helping hand.

“I really like helping my friends at the Club because it makes me feel happy.”

Ketlene, Age 9

Ketlene participates in Choir, Dance and the Girls On The Run program at the Club. She also stays active by swimming in the pool at the Nichols Campus. Ketlene even put together a petition, gathering over 100 signatures, to keep the pool open this fall.

She is not afraid to take action, step up and lead, and lend a helping hand. We love that Ketlene sees our Club as a safe place for her to grow her leadership skills and we love the positive attitude she always brings to the table when she’s here!

The Boys & Girls Club of Collier County has been the perfect arena for Ketlene to develop her strengths and to just have fun! This could not happen without your support. Thank you!