My name is Islande and I have been a member of the Boys & Girls Club of Collier County for over six years. I started attending the Boys & Girls Club because I wanted a place to practice my English and receive help with homework. The Club offered more than I ever imagined! The Boys & Girls Club staff gave me direction, challenged me, and picked me up emotionally when I fell down. Because of my time at the Club, I am ready to face the challenges of college and job interviews.  I have learned the necessary time management skills that allow me to succeed while balancing a busy schedule, including winning this year’s Youth of the Year Competition.

“My Club experience has given me the tools to start my great future and the courage to take the next step in my life.”

Islande Victorin

The Boys & Girls Club of Collier County has been the perfect arena to develop and showcase my strengths and to just have fun. Now, I am in my freshman year at Arcadia University and things are going well! I am learning a lot in my Biology class and learning how to adapt to a new environment. I enjoy going grocery shopping with my roommate, attending my new church, and going to school clubs to make new friends. Overall, I’m enjoying spending this time focusing on learning and personal growth. This could not happen without you. Thank you for believing in me and my great future!