Thursday, March 26th

Wake up! 
Breakfast & Morning Mindfulness
Morning Mindfulness: “13 Minute Body Scan Meditation for Teens” CLICK HERE  

Morning Yoga: CLICK HERE
What’s the move? 
Fitness Challenge
2 Week Fitness Log
– Can you choose 3 more times today to complete the challenge?
– What exercises can you add?
– Can you make it a competition with someone in your house?
– How can you make the move easier or more difficult?
– Record your results and repeat the exercise each day or week to see your improvements!
Drum Stick Rhythm Dance

Fitness Challenge: Bring Sally Up Squat Challenge!
Media Literacy
Don’t believe everything you read!              
– Have you ever bought a product or talked your parents into buying a product because of a commercial or an ad? How or why did the commercial make you want the product? Did it live up to its promise?  
– Open up the Common Advertising Techniques document and use it as a reference for the next activity.  
– You will create your own ads using at least two of the techniques. You may make a print ad or slogan using markers, magazines or other materials available – or you can act out a television commercial. Choose any appropriate product such as sneakers, cereal, etc.  
– Think of a particular image from television, a movie or an ad of any kind that made you question choices they made (for example, the way they dress, the things they do, the food they eat, the friends they hang around with). 
– In your journal, reflect on this image. Was it a positive influence or a negative one? How so? What changes in your buying habits will occur as a result of what you learned in this session?  
Lunch Time!
Remember to wash your hands before and after eating!

Check out this video while you’re at it: CLICK HERE

Now, try making your own video!  
Looking for some different snack options?
“8 Healthy Snacks for Teenagers”
Leadership & Service Take a moment to express gratitude!   Pull out some paper and markers and write some thank you cards for your teachers for when you get back to school!  
Want to do more? Write a thank you card to the family members who live at home with you.
Ready to Explore!?
Let’s take a Virtual Trip!
Let’s Travel to the Hidden World of National Parks
Today, take a trip through Dry Tortugas National Park, located right here in Florida!
Dive a shipwreck, swim through the third-largest coral reef in the world, and tour a Civil War-era fort.  
Check out this Instagram video on germs! CLICK HERE   
Fight the Germs! Clean all shared surfaces: Wipe all kitchen table and chairs, door handles, light switches, desk tops, phones, computers, kitchen & bathroom counter, bathroom sink and toilet!  
Arts Activity: Dance with Ms. Isabel! 

STEM Activity:   Make your own cotton ball launcher! See how many cotton balls you can launch into a bowl or bucket. Make it a competition with someone in your house!  
CLICK HERE             
Life Skills     Do you know how to clean properly  during cold and flu season, and now coronavirus?
Did you know you should clean your phone, too, and how to clean it properly?
College and Career Readiness   Interested in learning about alternatives to college? 
Here are 3 Cool Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree  
Mindfulness Meditation
Time to unwind!
Try this 30 minute guided meditation to help you de-stress from the day or to fall asleep at night!