Wednesday, March 25th

Wake up Breakfast & Morning Mindfulness Morning Mindfulness: Try this 7 minute mindfulness meditation   Morning Yoga:  
What’s the move? 
Fitness Challenge
2 Week Fitness Log
Can you choose 3 more times today to complete the challenge?

What exercises can you add?

Can you make it a competition with someone in your house?  
Superhero Warm Up: Spiderman Warm Up Coach W   Fitness Challenge: Let’s Dance – Uptown Funk      
SMART Moves How can I learn to make good choices? Today you will be learning about making choices. You will be looking at options and the consequences of those options. You will be watching clips of different movies. In each movie, the main characters make decisions that have an impact on their lives and/or the lives of others around them.             – Read the 7 Steps for Making Good Decisions and use it as a guide as you do the rest of the activities.   – Watch this clip from the movie Desperaux. In your journal, answer these questions: How did Desperaux enlist the help of Roscuro to save the princess?   – Watch this clip from The Rosa Parks Story. In your journal, answer these questions: What do the expressions on her face tell us about the choice she has to make? What does she remember about the words her grandfather tells her?
– Think about and answer the following questions in your journal: Think of a time in your own life when you had to make a difficult decision. What was the situation? What were your options? What personal characteristics did you draw upon? What were the results of your decision? It can also be one you are currently facing. Keep in mind the 7 Steps for Making Good Decisions as you answer these questions.
Lunch Time! Remember to wash your hands before and after eating!   Can you make one of these delicious sandwiches?

Check out: TASTY Sweet and Savory Sandwiches to Make You Drool
Leadership & Service   Ms. TaSheekia’s My Empowerment (M.E.) Project:    Would You Rather?  
Ready to Explore!? Let’s take a Virtual Trip! Let’s Travel to the Hidden World of National Parks Today, take a trip through Bryce Canyon in Utah!   Gaze up at the night sky, ride horseback through a canyon, and see hoodoos up close.
STEAM   Check out this Instagram video on germs!    Fight the Germs! Clean all shared surfaces: Wipe all kitchen table and chairs, door handles, light switches, desk tops, phones, computers, kitchen & bathroom counter, bathroom sink and toilet     Culinary Arts Activity: Cooking with Maddy        STEM Activity: Check out Bill Nye the Science Guy’s video The Science of Music                        
Life Skills     Do you feel comfortable apologizing when you do something wrong?    Watch this video for some tips on how to apologize and why it’s important. How to Apologize  
College and Career Readiness   Have you considered entrepreneurship? Turn your strengths into success.   Check out this video: Teen Business Ideas – 9 Ways to Make Money Young  
Mindfulness Meditation Time to unwind!   10 Minutes of Positive Affirmations to close your day