Thursday, August 6th

Morning Rituals       Guided Morning Wake Up – Positive & Uplifting Affirmations to Start Your Day!
Caring about Culture! Check out how astronauts from all over the world celebrate holidays in space!
Fitness & Fun  Join our friends at the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation
with this rotation workout/challenge!
Fine ArtsThe Moon Phases in Oreos! Learn about the moon phases and then make your own.                      
Virtual Field Trip  Walk on the moon with NASA!
Summer Brain GainTry this Coca Cola rocket launcher using Coca Cola, baking soda, and cardboard!
Character, Leadership, & Service  Hospitals all over the world are in need of gloves and masks for their health workers to stay protected while caring for those sick with coronavirus. If you know a local business or individual with extra gloves and masks, encourage them to donate them to their local hospital. If you know how to sew and have spare fabric at home, you could also make some masks to donate to local hospitals. Check out this fashion designer making masks to donate in Boston.
College and Career ReadinessCheck out a day in the life of an MIT aerospace engineering student!
Evening RitualsEvening Gratitude Med  itation: Thank You for This Day