Friday, August 28

Morning Rituals       10 min Morning Yoga Stretch for Beginners – Energy Boost Yoga
Caring about Culture!  Vacation in Cusco & Machu Picchu, Peru!
Fitness & Fun  Would you rather? Chair Workout
Fine ArtsCheck out The Plastic Bag Project!
   Virtual Field Trip  These pools should not exist…
Summer Brain GainTry one of these fun challenges at home!
5 Engineering Challenges with Clothespins, Binder Clips, and Craft Sticks
Character, Leadership, & ServiceWrite a letter to Healthcare Workers, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Social Workers, Teachers, Grocery Store Clerks, Stockers, Truck Drivers, etc. Draw a nice picture if you’d like as well to go with your letter. Send your letter to each person you want to thank!
College and Career ReadinessCheck out colleges virtually! Keep visiting to see which campuses you like the most.
Evening RitualsRelax and listen to this 20 minute guided meditation for teens
20 Minute Beginners Grounding Meditation for Teens or Any Age