Monday, July 20th

Morning Rituals       Guided Meditation To Find Peace in Uncertain Times
Caring about Culture!  Ancient Greece
Fitness & Fun  Compete in Olympic events in our gym with our summer campers!
Fine Arts6 Easy DIY Wall Decor Projects
Virtual Field Trip  Watch these top 10 Winter Olympic moments of the 2010’s!
Summer Brain GainCheck out this Intro to Chemistry!
Character, Leadership, & Service  The Power of Compassion
College and Career ReadinessA Day in the Life of a Sports Scientist
Evening RitualsRelax and listen to this 20 minute guided meditation for teens
20 Minute Beginners Grounding Meditation for Teens or Any Age
Florida Virtual Club Personal EnrichmentMancala DIY
Florida Virtual Club Physical Activity  Walk Like an Egyptian
Florida Virtual Club Academic Enrichment  Ancient Egypt Trivia