Wednesday, July 15th

Morning Rituals       Check out this guide to travel journaling.
Caring about Culture!  Backpacking around South East Asia!
Fitness & Fun  Come to the gym and play along with our summer campers in the Club!
Fine ArtsCheck out these travel inspired DIY projects!
Virtual Field Trip  Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages
Summer Brain GainDo you know what a GIS (Geographic Information System) is?
Character, Leadership, & ServiceWhat is study abroad?
College and Career ReadinessCheck out what you could do with a degree in Geography!
Evening RitualsReprogram your mind! Positive Affirmations While You Sleep
Florida Virtual Club Personal Enrichment  Grades 6-8: National Monuments (Virtual Tour)
Grades 9-12: How Do You Feel About America?
Florida Virtual Club Physical Activity  Grades 6-8: How to Throw Pitches
Grades 9-12: Basic Track Moves & The 1968 Olympic Boycott
Florida Virtual Club Academic Enrichment  Grades 6-8: First Amendment (What Does it Mean to You?)
Grades 9-12: Rewrite the Constitution