Monday, July 13th

Morning Rituals       Let’s keep a gratitude journal!
Caring about Culture!  National Geographic: Cultural Differences
Fitness & Fun  Come to the gym and play along with our summer campers in the Club!
Fine ArtsHow to make a “beautiful places” keychain!
Virtual Field Trip  African Habitats: Where do animals come from?  
Summer Brain GainGlobal Human Journey: Check out this animated map showing human migration out of Africa to Asia, Europe, and the Americas!
Character, Leadership, & Service  Learn how traveling builds social and emotional life skills!
College and Career ReadinessA Day in the Life: Anthropologist and Archaeologist
Evening RitualsLong Deep Sleep Guided Meditation
Florida Virtual Club Personal EnrichmentL.O.L. Challenge
Florida Virtual Club Physical ActivitySpace Yoga & Dance
Florida Virtual Club Academic Enrichment  Asteroid Projections