Tuesday, June 2nd

Wake up! 
Breakfast & Morning Mindfulness
Morning Meditation
Morning Meditation & Wake Up Yoga for a Great Day  

Morning Yoga
Morning Yoga: 10 Minute Morning Stretch
What’s the move?

Fitness Challenge
Ask someone in your house to join you!
How can you make this game easier or more difficult?
Can you choose 3 more times to play this game over the weekend?
Workout with our friends at the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation: Stretch Challenge!  
SMART Moves     Develop your team!
Lunch Time!  
Remember to wash your hands before and after eating!

You can put lotion on if your hands are dry from all that washing!  
Benefits of Good Posture http://www.viewpure.com/OyK0oE5rwFY?start=0&end=0
Leadership & Service   Social Media Safety Tips
Ready to explore?
Let’s take a virtual trip!  
15 most unique beaches in the world!
Check out this Instagram video on germs!

Fight the Germs!
Clean all shared surfaces: Wipe all kitchen table and chairs, door handles, light switches, desk tops, phones, computers, kitchen & bathroom counter, bathroom sink and toilet
Arts Activity
Dance with Ms. Isabel: Hip Flexor Stretch #1  

STEM Activity
Build a waterslide!
Life Skills   Adulting: How to Do Laundry!
College and Career Readiness   What does a Water Conservationist do?   Check out a day in the life of a conservationist!  
Mindfulness Meditation
Time to unwind!
Meditation for Inner Peace