Friday, June 19th

Morning Rituals       Start Your Day with a 10 Minute Positivity Meditation  
Caring about CultureLearn about Haka!  
Fitness & Fun  Come join us for a workout!
Fine ArtsLearn how to dance the Charleston, a very popular dance in the 1920s!
Virtual Field Trip  See what it was like to live in the 1920s!   See if you can do these popular dances from the 1920s!   1920 vs 2020  
Summer Brain GainAwesome science experiments you can try at home!
Character, Leadership, & ServiceThe 1960s were a time full of activism and change. Learn about the activism of the 60s here.  
College and Career ReadinessTravel back to the 1920s – 100 years ago! What kind of job would you have had during this cool era?
Evening RitualsMeditation for Anxiety