Wednesday, April 8th

Wake up! 
Breakfast & Morning Mindfulness
  Morning Mindfulness: Morning MeditOcean — A Guided Meditation with the Open Sea    
What’s the move?

Fitness Challenge

Can you choose 3 more times today to do the warm up to beat your previous record?
What exercises can you add or replace?
Challenge someone in your house to wall sit against you!!
How can you make the moves easier or more difficult?
Record your results and repeat the exercise again this week!!  
Warm Up!
Grab a family member and create your own warm up today!

Now, grab  a chair for each of you !!
“Would You Rather?” Chair Workout
Go another round and try the opposite move that you chose in round 1!  
How Do I Develop Resistance to Peer Pressure and Learn to Say “No” to Alcohol and Other Drugs?

A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.
– Winnie the Pooh
– Open the Peer Pressure “Bag of Tricks” page. Read each trick out loud and think of a time when that trick was used on you. 
– For each trick, write in your journal about your experiences with these pressures. How did these tricks being played on you make you feel?
Lunch Time!
Remember to wash your hands before and after eating!

Sing along to a nutrition song!
Can you write your own nutrition song?  
Try this activity from BGCA:  
Eat your Science!
Leadership & Service   Ms. TaSheekia’s My Empowerment (M.E.) Project:   Building Productive Relational Bridges    
Ready to Explore!?
Let’s take a Virtual Trip!  
Take a tour of the Eiffel Tower:
Eiffel Tower – Virtual Reality 360 Tour  
Check out this Instagram video on germs! CLICK HERE  

Fight the Germs! Clean all shared surfaces: Wipe all kitchen table and chairs, door handles, light switches, desk tops, phones, computers, kitchen & bathroom counter, bathroom sink and toilet.
Arts Activity: Check out this funny video from Ms. Beth! Can you try to make one yourself?!

STEM Activity: What is your favorite digital game? Is it an app, a website or a console game? What do you think computer games were like 10 years ago? How about 20 years ago? In this activity, you’ll get to try out some computer games from the past! Retro Gaming from MyFuture  
Life Skills     Learn some new tips on how to be productive while doing virtual learning!   Homeschool/Online school Tips, Tricks and Advice!  
College and Career Readiness   10 Apps & Extensions for School & Productivity all students need!  
Mindfulness Meditation
Time to unwind!
  Evening Meditation: 10 Minutes – Positive Affirmations to close your day.