Tuesday, April 7th

Wake up! 
Breakfast & Morning Mindfulness
Morning Mindfulness:
Morning MeditOcean — A Guided Meditation with the Jellies  
What’s the move? 
Fitness Challenge
2 Week Fitness Log
Challenge someone in your house to workout with you!!
How can you make the moves easier or more difficult?
Record your results and repeat the exercise again this week!  
Warm up & work out with your friends from the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation!
How long can you hold the Squat Hold Challenge?
How Do I Develop Resistance to Peer Pressure and Learn to Say “No” to Alcohol and Other Drugs?

A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.
– Winnie the Pooh            
– In your journal, respond to today’s quote. Write down some things that you think of when you think of peer pressure. 
– There are two kinds of peer pressure, spoken and hidden. Spoken pressure occurs when a person asks you directly to do something, or says things to you that push you toward a certain choice. Write some examples of this in your journal. An example of spoken pressure is when a friend tells you they will no longer be your friend if you don’t smoke a cigarette with them.
– Hidden pressure is indirect and occurs when nothing is actually said to you, but because you see others doing something you feel pressured to do the same. Write some examples of this in your journal.
– For both kinds of peer pressure, various “tricks” are used to try and influence you to do something.
Lunch Time!
Remember to wash your hands before and after eating!

You’re going to recognize the songs in this hand washing parody!
Plan a dinner party at home!

BGCA Dinner Party Pro. – Dinner Party Planner
Leadership & Service Check out Kid President! 
What Makes an Awesome Leader  
Ready to Explore!?
Let’s take a Virtual Trip!
Visit the Redwood Forest in California! Pick which virtual tour you want to see: Remarkable Redwoods in 360 – Virtual Tour – Redwood National and State Parks (US National Park Service)  
Check out this Instagram video on germs! CLICK HERE  

Fight the Germs! Clean all shared surfaces: Wipe all kitchen table and chairs, door handles, light switches, desk tops, phones, computers, kitchen & bathroom counter, bathroom sink and toilet.
Arts Activity: Here is another one! 
20 Minute Hip-Hop Dance Class Tutorial

STEM Activity: Can you make this fun Marshmallow Shooter?      
Life Skills     10 Summer Job Ideas for Teenagers and Students!  
College and Career Readiness   Learn some of the common terms used when talking about college and college readiness! It’s never too early to start preparing for college!  
College and Career Readiness: Be Informed, Be Prepared, Be Ready!  
Mindfulness Meditation
Time to unwind!
Guided Evening Meditation and Relaxation to End Your Day Peaceful