Thursday, April 16th

Wake up! 
Breakfast & Morning Mindfulness
Review these meditation tips, then pick one of your favorite meditation videos we shared and try it again.  
What’s the move?

Fitness Challenge

Can you choose 3 more times today to do the warm up to beat your previous record?
What exercises can you add or replace?
Challenge someone in your house to wall sit against you!!
How can you make the moves easier or more difficult?
Record your results and repeat the exercise again this week!!
Warm Up!

Get the AR Runner App and run through checkpoints in virtual reality at your house! It is SUPER FUN!

Sports training with Pro coaches! Sign up for 30 days FREE!
Basketball, Football, Baseball specific!    
Healthy Friendships
 – Check out another video on how to identify toxic and healthy friendships and what you can do to avoid toxic ones.
– In your journal, write a short reflection on the video you just watched.
Lunch Time!
Remember to wash your hands before and after eating!
Sing along to a nutrition song!
Can you write your own nutrition song?  
Try this nutrition activity from BGCA!

 Food IRL: Global Plate    
Leadership & Service   Watch this video 10 Social Skills for Student Leaders.  
Which of those skills do you possess?
Which would you like to work on?
Do you think any of the ones mentioned were not necessary?  
Ready to Explore!?
Let’s take a Virtual Trip!  
Take a virtual trip to the windy city!
Learn about the history of Chicago and best tourist spots to visit.  
Chicago Video Tour
STEAM   Check out this Instagram video on germs!   
Fight the Germs!
Clean all shared surfaces: Wipe all kitchen table and chairs, door handles, light switches, desk tops, phones, computers, kitchen & bathroom counter, bathroom sink and toilet
Arts Activity:
Join Ms. Isabel for some dance!
Beginner Jazz – 3 Point Turn  

STEM Activity:
Have you seen these “paper-less” trees here in Florida? Learn all about them from our FGCU student volunteer here:
Melaleuca Trees      
Life Skills     Life right now might seem overwhelming, like you don’t have much control over anything.
Practice having a positive mental attitude and focus on these 25 things you CAN control. Now add to this list with more things you can control:  
25 Things You CAN Control  
College and Career Readiness   Check out these Sentence Starters for Cover Letters.

Have you made your won cover letter yet? Get started with this Step by Step Guide to Writing Your Cover Letter.  
Mindfulness Meditation
Time to unwind!
Guided Meditation for Sleep – The Starry Night