Friday, April 10th – Friday “FUN”-Day

Fine Arts
Let’s Get CRAFTY!
Try some of these fun and easy art projects today!  
5 Fun and Creative Art Projects  
4 Easy Art Projects to Help You Relax & De-Stress  
Dance Have you tried this challenge yet? Grab a sibling or parent and try it our! 
Oh Na Na Na – Foot Shake Dance Challenge  
How about this one?
Blinding Lights Dance Challenge  
Outside Fitness Head outside and complete this workout – Spell out your name and complete the exercise for each letter.   
Are you up for a challenge? Try doing your full name!  
What’s Your Name Exercise Challenge  
Tech Time Activities Make yourself a work of art:
Express Your Selfie  
Scavenger Hunt Can you get a picture with all of these things?
Get outside and try  it out!
Selfie Scavenger Hunt