Wednesday, November 4th

Power Hour
Academic Enrichment
Grades 6-8: Algebra 1: Modeling with Graphs
Grades 9-12: Lesson 2-2: Credit Costs
Fitness & Recreation  The Maze
STEM & Fine ArtsMake your own digital comic book about a superhero!
 Leadership & Service
Boosting Happiness with Neighborhood Art: If you want to uplift your neighbors with meaningful messages that really touch people’s hearts, then first spend a little time investigating what people care about. Call neighbors, friends, or family members and ask, “What simple thing makes you happy?” Gather ideas. It may be hot coffee, sunshine, a quote from a favorite book, or the sound of a child’s laughter. Use the ideas you collected to inspire you with words and images. Use art materials to make a window sign or sidewalk art (using materials that can be washed off easily so not to damage property). Add a kind quote or words of love. Display your art in view of people who walk by to brighten their day.