Tuesday, November 3rd

Power Hour
Academic Enrichment
Grades 6-8: Modeling and Graphing Inverse Variation
Grades 9-12: Lesson 2-1: Using Credit
Fitness & Recreation  Sit-Ups Challenge How long can you do sit ups without stopping?
STEM & Fine ArtsBeginner Ballet: Feet Positions 1-3
 Leadership & Service
Happy Jar/Bag: Write a quote or note down on a small piece of paper for each day of the year, 365 days (research quotes online if needed). They can be encouraging, kind, wise, smart etc. Place each one of them into the jar or Ziploc bag &decorate your jar or bag. Give the finished product to whomever you feel this would be great for. Think about all our local heroes helping the community out during COVID-19. Encourage your friends and family to participate, also!