Thursday, August 20th

Morning Rituals       Guided Morning Wake Up – Positive & Uplifting Affirmations to Start Your Day!
Caring about Culture! Check out what school lunches are like around the world!
Fitness & Fun  Get ready for the FitGram Curl Up test!
Play the Curl Up Cadence and go!
Fine ArtsTin Foil People Challenge
   Virtual Field Trip  Have you been to any NASA research facilities? Tour the NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia!
Summer Brain GainLyricism 101
Hip-Hop History
Character, Leadership, & Service  I’m Kate: TED Talk
College and Career ReadinessHave you ever thought about creating apps as a career path? Check out this local app development agency (here in Naples!) answering college and career questions related to their field.
Evening RitualsEvening Gratitude Meditation: Thank You for This Day