Wednesday, March 18th

9:00 am Celebrate The New Day!
Growth Mindset
Yoga Activity: Rainbow Breath
10:00 am Let’s Get Our Bodies Moving!
Go for a walk, play outside or have a dance party!
Check out the Zumba Kids Playlist
11:00 am Fine Arts
Lets Get Creative & Color!
I am Lucky – St Patricks Day Craft  (Grades K – 5th) CLICK HERE
12:00 pm
Lunch Time!  
Lunch Time!
“We are all special” Journal Topic  
Take a moment to Journal. All you will need is a piece of paper or a notebook & a pencil. Today’s Journal Topic: 3 Good things about me are… and explain.
2:00 pm Ready to Explore!?
Let’s take a Virtual Trip! Georgia Aquarium allows anyone to view live cams of their sea animals. Lets take a look!
From Jelly Fish to Belugas, the Georgia Sea Aquarium allows for you to have an inside view of their sea animals.   CLICK HERE
3:00 pm Power Hour
Lets Read! Read a book or have a story read to you    
Read your favorite book or listen to a story & answer these questions to track your reading!
4:00 pm STEM Lets Put our STEM Hats on with this Paper Experiment HOW STRONG ARE YOU!? Click on the link to follow the experiment! CLICK HERE
5:00 pm Life Skills Let’s Practice How To Protect Ourselves from Spreading Germs! The importance of washing your hands! CLICK HERE
6:00 pm Brain Break After a Day filled of fun activities, you deserve some brain break time!  Check out these resources below for some fun & educational tech-time activities!
Go Noodle –
Fun Brain –