Wednesday, March 25th

Celebrate the New Day! Growth Mindset Yoga Activity     Live in the Moment
What’s The Move!? Go for a walk, play outside, try some Zumba or these online fitness activities. Moose on the Loose:  
Fine Arts Try Out this Animal Shadow Drawing Activity:  
Lunch Time! Lunch Time! Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands!
SMART Kids K-2 3-5 During yesterday’s activities. We focused on our emotions. Today lets focus on what we have control of and what we are grateful for. Use this activity to print & fill in your own gratitude jar.
Ready to Explore? Let’s take a Virtual Trip! Cincinnati Zoo – Home Safari Home Safari: Meet Cheetah Kris and Puppy Remus Try out this activity after your watch the video:
Power Hour Let’s Read Quackenstein Hatches a Family After Reading Activity: You Choose What to Do!×1024.jpeg
STEAM Create A Creature:
Life Skills Take a look at the wild life around you. What do you know about it? what can you do to help keep the world around you clean? Use this activity and go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt
Brain Break After a Day filled with fun activities, you deserve some brain break time!  Fun Brain – ABCYA – Pbs kids –   Indoor Recess: