Monday, March 23rd

Celebrate the New Day!
Growth Mindset
Yoga Activity    
“Tune into the World”: CLICK HERE
What’s The Move!?

Go for a walk, play outside or have a dance party!

Zumba Kids: CLICK HERE
Start off With a Good Stretch! CLICK HERE

Superhero Warm Up: CLICK HERE

Over Hand Throw Practice:
– Step
– L-Bend
– Throw
30 Throws to a target wall, or partner.

Bottle Flip Fitness: CLICK HERE
Using a closed bottle at home practice flipping it.
Fine Arts Draw With Mr. Mo! CLICK HERE
Lunch Time! Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands!
SMART Kids K – 2nd Grade: CLICK HERE
3rd – 5th Grade: Being Kind

Watch this Read Aloud Story: CLICK HERE

Journal Topic: What Does Being Kind Mean to You?
How can you show kindness at home or at school?
Do you like it when people are kind to you? Why?
Ready to Explore?
Let’s take a Virtual Trip!  
Let’s head over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art!
Power Hour
Let’s Read!
Check out these Journal Topics!

Speaking Up for Earth: CLICK HERE

Grab A Slice! CLICK HERE

Future Food: CLICK HERE
STEAM Erosion Explosion!

Read this Article About Erosion! CLICK HERE

Then, try this Science experiment at home: CLICK HERE
Life Skills Learning about a Virus!  CLICK HERE

Brain Break
After a day filled with fun activities, you deserve some brain break time! 
Check out these resources below for some fun & educational tech-time activities:
Go Noodle –
Fun Brain –