Thursday, March 19th

9:00 am Celebrate The New Day!
Lets take on the day with a Mindfulness Yoga Activity
Take on the Day!   CLICK HERE
10:00 am What’s The Move!?
Go for a walk, play outside or have a dance party!
Start off With a Good Stretch!  
Then, here’s a fun inside/outside Activity: Underhand Throw Practice
– Step
– Swing
– Throw
Try 20 throws to a target, partner, or basket  (no ball no problem, try a sock)  
Fitness Challenge: Count to 20:
– Plank
– Sit Ups
– Jumping lunges
– Squats
11:00 am Fine Arts
Lets Get Creative!
Abstract Watercolor Art
All you’ll need is Markers, Plastic Baggie, Water, and Paper.
Click the link for instructions!
12:00 pm Lunch Time! Don’t forget to wash your hands!  
1:00 pm SMART KIDS     Kindergarten through 2nd grade:
Monster Learns Rules
3rd grade through 5th grade:
Peanut Butter & Cupcake Read Aloud
K-2nd Grade: CLICK HERE

3rd-5th Grade: CLICK HERE
2:00 pm Ready to Explore!? Let’s take a Virtual Field Trip!
The San Diego Zoo
Venture online to the San Diego Zoo! There are lots of animals to see from Elephants to Koalas!   CLICK HERE
3:00 pm Power Hour      
Time to Read  
Check out these Awesome Journal Stories Kids Decide

Remembering the March

Counting Penguins
4:00 pm STEAM
Lets Put our STEM Hats on with this Paper Experiment
Brain Break Time!!!!!!    
Let’s Dance & Think Like a Scientist

Straw Airplane Activity  
5:00 pm Life Skills
Let’s Practice How To Protect Ourselves from Spreading Germs!
Helping out around the House is always a great thing to do when you’re home. Check out this story of Litter Critter, helping out at home.

After the video, create a chore list or follow the one on this link, check off all of the duties you do throughout your day to help around the house. 
6:00 pm Brain Break
After a Day filled of fun activities, you deserve some brain break time! 
Check out these resources below for some fun & educational tech-time activities!
Go Noodle –
Fun Brain –