Thursday, July 16th

Good Morning! Be Victorious!
Fitness & Fun  Come to the gym and play along with our summer campers in the Club!
Virtual Field TripTake care of baby elephants in Kenya!
Fine Arts  Make a Paper Plate Parrot!
OR Make a Wrist Parakeet!  
Summer Brain GainLet’s go outside and do something for the nature around us. As you know, plants need water & sunlight to grow. Let’s create our own watering tool to help the plants around us. 
Soda Bottle Watering Can
Character, Leadership, & Service  K-2nd Grade: Socratic Seminar with The Three Little Pigs
3rd-5th Grade: Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often
Caring About CultureLearn about Mongolia!
Florida Virtual Club Personal EnrichmentGrades K-2: Unity Poster
Grades 3-5: Come Dance with Me
Florida Virtual Club Physical ActivityGrades K-2: Flag Football
Grades 3-5: Gymnastics with Dominique Dawes
Florida Virtual Club Academic EnrichmentGrades K-2: Who was MLK? “I Have a Dream”
Grades 3-5: Who is Sojourner Truth?