Wednesday, July 15th

Good Morning!    Find Peace.
Fitness & Fun  Come to the gym and play along with our summer campers in the Club!
Virtual Field TripGo to Hawaii to see the volcanoes!
Fine Arts  Make your own rain stick!
Summer Brain GainCheck out this article about erosion.
Then, try this science experiment at home!  
Character, Leadership, & Service  Being grateful means being thankful for something or appreciating something. Print or draw this Gratitude Jar and write or draw everything you feel thankful for!  
Caring About CultureLearn about Israel!
Florida Virtual Club Personal EnrichmentGrades K-2: Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Grades 3-5: Learn How to Make Cracker Jacks
Florida Virtual Club Physical ActivityGrades K-2: How to Throw a Baseball Grades 3-5: How to Bat in Baseball
Florida Virtual Club Academic EnrichmentGrades K-2: Presidential Campaign Poster
Grades 3-5: Presidential Campaign Speech