Thursday, June 4th

Celebrating Black Americans

Racism is something you learn, not something you’re born with. #BlackLivesMatter

Celebrate the New Day                    Morning Rituals Beginner Yoga Led by Kids for Kids:  

Fun Fact: Peaceful protestors meditate multiple times a day, to practice tranquility.
Fine Arts   The History of African American Social Dances:
Ready to Explore?
Let’s take a Virtual Trip!  
Let’s take a virtual  Civil Rights field trip with Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, Rosa Parks, the Freedom Riders, and many more! Make sure you take the quiz! Let us know how you did!
Username: bgccollier
Password: bgccc7500
Character & Leadership     The Kid President tells us the story of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and how he spread love during tough times. How can you spread love in your community?  
Evening Rituals     Balloon Belly Meditation:
Journal Topic:
What was your favorite dance move? Why?Which meditation do you like the most: Beginner Yoga or Balloon Belly Meditation? Why? What are 3 interesting facts that you learned about the Civil Rights Movement?