Thursday, May 21st

Celebrate the new day!
Yoga Activity
Zen Activity: Be the Pond  
What’s The Move?   Join our friends at the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation with this plank and squat challenge!
Fine Arts   Make some S’mores art!  
  Lunch Time!   Join our friends at the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation with this portion scavenger hunt!  
SMART Kids K-2nd Grade
Social-Emotional Journal

3rd-5th Grade  
Discussion with Adults:
Fulfilling Small Responsibilities
Lots of little things make up good behavior, such as not littering, keeping quiet when people need to concentrate, and returning library books on time. Make a list of small responsibilities.  Then try to think of a situation in which you fulfilled one of the small responsibilities. Think of another situation in which you did not fulfill a small responsibility.
Are the “little” things really that important?
Why or why not?
  Ready to explore?
Let’s take a virtual trip!  
Explore the Museum of Natural History  
Power Hour   Build your own campsite.  
STEAM   Create a pinecone bird feeder.  
Life Skills   What ticks you off?  
Brain Break
After a day filled with fun activities, you deserve some brain break time!
How about some Indoor Recess?
Nerdy by Nature
Making Shadow Puppets