Monday, May 18th

Celebrate the new day!
Yoga Activity
Let’s go camping yoga and meet Tallulah the owlet.  
What’s the Move?   Join our friends at the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation with this rotation workout/challenge!  
Fine Arts   Create your own camping map & binoculars!  
  Lunch Time!   Watch this Water Smart video!
In your house & in your yard, watch for water, be on guard!  
SMART Kids Discussion with an Adult: Truth in Friendship
Imagine that a friend is going to do a comedy act in a talent contest. He tells you the jokes from the act. The jokes are awful.
Do your tell him?
If so, how do you say it?
  Ready to explore?
Let’s take a virtual trip!  
Let’s camp out at Mt. Everest & explore!  
Power Hour   Read along!
STEAM   Make your own parachute!
Life Skills   Color our worries.  
Brain Break
After a day filled with fun activities, you deserve some brain break time!
Try out one of these camping life-hacks with a family member.
Try out this dance tutorial!