Wednesday, May 13th

Celebrate the new day!
Yoga Activity
Learn this cool dance from the 1980s!
What’s the move?     Flashback to the 80s with Disney’s “Mousercise”!  
Fine Arts   New Wave Collage  
  Lunch Time!     Watch this water smart video: Think so you don’t sink!    

Check out these easy 5 homework snacks;  
SMART Kids K-2nd Grade
Dealing with Disappointment

3rd-5th Grade
Food Detective anyone?
  Ready to explore?
Let’s take a virtual trip!  
The Magic School Bus: Hop’s Home  

Magic Review:    
Power Hour   Can you read an analog clock and know what time it is?
Practice this important skill and power up the winning giraffe.  
STEAM   Play with us!
Pac Man  
Life Skills   Do you know strategies to help you solve problems?  
Brain Break
After a day filled with fun activities, you deserve some brain break time!
Dance Break!
U Can’t Touch This – GoNoodle


Pop Rocks were a popular candy in the 80s & 90s
Grab a family member and make this Pop Rock punch!