2000 BEST FRIENDS | Boys and Girls Club of Collier County

2,000 Best Friends is an annual giving program that provides at-risk youth with a membership to the Boys & Girls Club of Collier County as well as access to life-changing Club programs, through a quarterly donation of $250. Your quarterly donation will provide the necessary tools and services needed to teach and inspire the future leaders of our community. That is so little to invest when you consider the important role the Boys & Girls Club can play in helping young people become the successful citizens and adults that they need to be in our community and our country.

To learn more about 2000 Best Friends annual giving program, please contact Jane Badger at jbadger@bgccc.com or 239-325-1766.

To download a brochure, CLICK HERE.

A special thank you to our 2000 Best Friends members for their dedication and commitment.

Mr. & Mrs. C. Michael Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Jane Borchers
Mr. Stefan Bothe Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Calvanese Ms. Kristin Conroy
Mr. Morris Douglas Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Francis Engelhardt Mrs. Mary Rose Ferman
Mr. & Mrs. Terrance Flynn Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Frey Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gaillard
Dr. & Dr. Hem Gupta Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hasse, Jr. Mrs. Tish Homan
John & Carol Walter Family Foundation Mr. William R. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Jones Dr. & Mrs. Michael Kubly Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Kukk
Ms. Bonnie Ann Larson Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Leboeuf Mr. & Mrs. Russell Maier
Mr. & Mrs. Sam McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mohn Mr. & Mrs. Charles Morel
Mr. & Mrs. Klaus Neugebauer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Reilly Ozark Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Rooney Mr. & Mrs. Garnett Smith Mr. & Mrs. Duane Stranahan
Mr. & Mrs. Harold P. Stuckey Dr. & Mrs. Norman Thomson, Jr Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tompkins
Mr. & Mrs Dolph von Arx Mr. & Mrs. George Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wheeler
Mr. David Wolff Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Woods